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Meru National Park

Meru National park is well known for its Fauna and natural beauty. The National park is 348 km from Nairobi.Those who have read Joy Adamson’s born free which was later made a film would definitely find the of the park familiar because this is where Joy and George Adamson raised Elsa the lioness before releasing her into Kenyan wildlife sanctuary. The park has many swamps and rivers lined with palms, as well as mountains and woodlands.

white stork lake Elementaitawhite stork lake Elementaita

The park is home to large pride of lions, herds of buffaloes, hippos and crocodiles. At Meru you will find an excellent view of the snow capped Mt Kenya and the parks beautiful landscape its truly a campers paradise.
Game viewing in this beautiful park includes Leopards,elephants,hippos,lions and cheetahs.
The park is also is a jewel of some of Kenya largest herds of buffaloes, hartebeest,giraffes and gazelles.Over 300 species of the birds have been recorded in this park which includes kingfishers,rollers,horn bills,secretary birds,bee eaters ,peter ‘s finfoot.

The riverine forest, savannahs with long grass and lush swamps fostered by many rivers and heavy rains in this area make this National park a great place for fauna lovers.The western side is rugged and hilly with rich volcanic soils.Its is always wise to have a tour guide who can be hired at the entry gates or you can have one organized by your travel agency.Apart from this park having 3 large rivers which is Tana,Ura and Rojeweru rivers.

Must see and Things to Do

Mt Kenya which crowns the beautiful scenery of Meru National park.
Access: by road from Nairobi via Nyeri-Nanyuki-Meru. Access the park from Maua to Murera Gate.
Main airstrip at Kina,Mulika next to Meru Mulika lodge or Elsa’s Kopje airstrip.
The park does not operate on safari card system. Entry is by cash only either USD/Kshs.

Major Attractions
View of mt Kenya.
Former home of joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness
Rivers and riverine habitats
Adamson falls.
Elsa’s Kopje
Leopard Rock lodge
Kina Bandas
Meru Luxury house
Mulika Lodge
Leopard Rock Bandac

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