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Kenya Museums

Kenya is a country with rich history. Kenyans have come a long way and this is evident by through the many historical monuments spread throughout the country.

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The Nairobi Karen Blixen Museum is part of the national museum of Kenya and it’s situated in the residential neighborhood of Karen 15 km from Nairobi. The Museum was opened to public in 1986.Its a truly beautiful colonial house that long with the lovely gardens have been restored to their former glory. The Danish author Karen Blixen, best known for the penning book out of Africa, lived in this house and now it has been turned into a museum in her honor. For any fun of Karen Blixen’s writings, or out of Africa movie lovers, this place is truly amazing and it’s a must see.The grounds are stunning, the house contains original furnishings as well as some props used in the movie.

Kenya National Archives is situated in down town Nairobi. Kenya National archives houses one of the finest collection of the cultural artifacts,African Stamps and historical documents. The place has so much work art, donated by Murumbi Trust. There are paintings, cultural and religious art facts, sculptures and books from all over Africa. The Kenya National Archives is not a place you go once. For both art enthusiasts and amateurs, the Archives promise an invaluable glimpse into the vast riches of authentic African culture and historical pieces.

Nairobi National Museum is in museum hill. It’s located in the heart of Nairobi city, Ten Minutes drive from Nairobi city centre. It was established in 1910 by British colonial community. The museum houses a notable collection of historical artifacts, Kenyan culture and Zoological. This Museum takes one through a magical journey of the past. The main attractions at the National Museum are the people of Kenya and tribal portraits by Joy Adamsom.From the gate one set the eyes to one big mould of dinosaur. The museum has 13 galleries .The permanent galleries include: the hall of Kenya, Cradle of mankind, Great hall of mammals and the cycle of life. The hall of Kenya explains the Kenya’s national heritage, culture, nature and history. Great hall of mammals highlights the relations of mammals .One gets a chance to learn how the earlier man looked like, their survival, behavior and the tools he used. Nairobi National museum is the best and the most amazing place to enjoy Kenya’s Natural and cultural heritage.


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